Court Study: Disanto

Priceless.......there is no better word to express the look of excitement when young kids step foot on their Sport Court for the very first time. That moment became a recent reality for the two Cincinnati boys who call this court home. It was only the beginning for what is sure to be years of memories with their Dad, Mom, and buddies.

This 47'x67' full court is an absolute gem. Nestled along the tree line, the dark blue and granite court colors beautifully harmonize with the surrounding landscape.

Whether it is for a late night shoot-around or a fast-paced game with friends, this court can handle it all. Two Condor basketball hoops with towering 6-foot overhangs gracefully bookend the court. Multiple stretches of fencing contains loose balls and makes for uninterrupted action.

While the little guys may rule the court, don't think that Dad isn't going to make his presence felt. One hoop stays at 10' for the 'crafty veteran' to keep his game in top form. The other hoop mostly stays at 7' so the youngsters can hone in their jumpers at an appropriate height.

Fun....Family....Laughter....Basketball......There's nothing better

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